Check out Mark Bilandzic amazing research project Gelatine  at QUT – a university for the real world (Brisbane, Australia) that i got pointed at from Mark after introducing my little research on “Communication artefacts in coworking environments” at the international google coworking group.

Mark has been working on Gelatine – a user checkin-system that displays backgrounds and areas of expertise of coworkers on public screens at The Edge.

At The Edge we aim to provide young Queenslanders with the opportunity and inspiration to explore creativity across the arts, technology, science and enterprise. It is an initiative of State Library of Queensland, creatively engaging the next generation of library users and continuing State Library’s leadership in reimagining libraries for the 21st century.

The aim was to ice-break conversations between coworkers and augment a better sense of “who is here”… check out this cool little demo video:

And if you can´t wait to build a system like this for your collaborative working space. Here you go. Get your little printer now, talk to the Fablab guys around your corner and please keep me posted about how the serendipity is flowing in your world ;-)